New England Digital Synclavier 2 Printer 1122

New England Digital Synclavier 2 Printer 1122

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New England Digital Synclavier 2 Printer 1122 For Sale. This printer came in with a Synclavier 2 system we're planning to keep for our studio, but we have no need for the printer, so we figure we'd pass it along to someone who needs it to print music or for the collector who wants it to complete their Synclav system. We've never seen another one of these for sale on its own so it seems they're very hard to find.

As you can see from the pics, it's in beautiful physical shape. We bought it from the original owner who said the system worked fine when he last used it, but that was a long time ago and we have found through tons of experience that we can never go by someone else tells us about a piece of gear (as you’ve probably realized too if you’re buying vintage gear from other sellers). It currently powers on and seems like it could work, but is untested, so we're selling it as is, with no guarantees whatsoever. Paper not included, and at the very least, we're guessing you'll probably need to replace the ink cartridge, cause when does a 40 year old ink cartridge still work?

If you're interested, please email us with a serious offer.