Oberheim OB-X Calzone Road Case

Oberheim OB-X Calzone Road Case

$ 249.99

Oberheim OB-X Calzone Road Case For Sale. 

We got this heavy duty Calzone Road Case with an OB-X we bought recently that we’re currently meticulously restoring. The original case foam had deteriorated, as it always does. Rather than have the seller take the OBX to a UPS Store and risk them ignoring packing instructions and damaging it as they often do, we paid for him to refoam the case, so it’s now a full functional road case that’s ready to use. When we eventually sell the OB-X, we’re going to pack it in a custom box, so we don’t need this case and would like to reclaim the space it’s taking up and the money we invested in it. The case will ship as shown. We will likely tape over the latches. We may decide to add fragile stickers and directional arrows as well. If you want them or don’t want them, let us know, or let us decide when we ship it.