Official ARP Odyssey Anvil Road Case

Official ARP Odyssey Anvil Road Case

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Official ARP Odyssey Mk2 Anvil Road Case For Sale. Should also fit the Mk1.

We got this rare and cool collector's item along with a vintage ARP Odyssey Mk 2 we will eventually refurbish and sell separately. It's the first case of its kind we've seen, despite the fact that we've bought a ton of vintage Odysseys, some with cases, some without.

According to the seller, he bought the Odyssey from a music store in New Jersey when it was new and they had a special deal where ARP would send you a personalized road case with your name stenciled onto it for free if you purchased an Odyssey.

As you can see, this case has both the ARP and Anvil logos painted onto it on one side. The other side has some cool art. In case it's not clear, the blue line across the bottom isn't part of the art, even though it looks like it could be. It's blue painter's tape that's covering up the original owner's name which was stenciled into it before the case was shipped to the owner.

The outside of this case is in typical condition for a vintage case of its type and age, and so is the inside - the original case foam deteriorated as it always does after so many years and was removed, so the case will need new foam before it can be used.

This case will be shipped without any outside protection, unless the buyer specifically requests it. If we box it up (or just customize cardboard to go around it), there will be an additional fee. Please inquire, or we will ship it as seen (with the UPS special handling option, which doesn't necessarily mean it will be treated well, though we haven't had any problems shipping road cases like this).