Paia 2700 Customized

Paia 2700 Customized

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Paia 2700 DIY synth for sale - custom Paia modular turned into hardwired synth, no power cord, untested, probably needs work. Due to the relatively high cost of repair vs the relatively low value of Paia gear and the fact that most people who are into Paia gear also enjoy doing their own repairs, we are offering this item strictly as is.

Here we have a one of a kind vintage analog synthesizer based on Paia 2700 series modular synthesizer modules. Stock paia modules, once assembled, required the user to patch from one module into another, using 1/8" cables for audio and another type of cable for control voltages. That system was somewhat annoying to use due to the different types of cables, and some people just wanted a hardwired synth that didnt require such an understanding of sound synthesis to operate. This particular synth was designed to be hardwired, without needing much patching. Whoever built this apparently designed it to run off an external power supply but this power supply was lost long before we got it and we therefore never tested it. We were told that it worked when it was last used many years ago but that the divider circuit may have been removed, but since we were unable to verify any of this, we are selling it strictly as-is, for parts or repair. This could be a good project for someone into DIY electronics repair. We suspect it shouldnt be too hard to rig up a proper supply if you know what youre doing, and paia modules are generally simple devices, so even if there are some things that need fixing, we cant guarantee this, but hopefully it wont take too much to get everything up and running. This unit seems to contain the following paia modules: paia 2720-5 low frequency oscillator / noise, homemade breadboard (not paia), paia 2720-6 (possibly a sample and hold??), paia 2720-2 vco voltage controlled oscillator, paia 2720-3L lpf low pass filter, paia 2720-3b bpf band pass filter, paia 2720-1 vca voltage controlled amplifier, 2720-4 asd attack sustain decay envelope generator. Though it would be a shame to part this unit out, this may also be a good source of additional paia circuit boards for someone with a paia modular system they’d like to expand.