Paia 2700 Modular

Paia 2700 Modular

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Paia 2700 Modular For Sale. 

This Paia-2720 keyboard synthesizer is quite an interesting vintage synth. The 2700 series patchable capability makes it more flexible than many other synths from the seventies. You can use this as a stand alone synth for spacey sound effects, experiments and groovy (though simple) analogue sounds or use its modules together with your other patchable gear to get some more power and variety! You can even use it as an effects processor and route external sounds through it. It's got its own unique sound no other synth manufacturer has captured. Here are its features (modules appear in bold):

Power Supply module
includes 2 adjustable voltage sources with outputs and multiples

voltage control oscillator (VCO)
ramp, triangle and pulse outs, with adjustable
pulse width and 3 CV ins

FUNCTION GENERATOR (envelope generator)
expand on off (lengthens attack time)
manual trigger button
trigger input (for keyboard or other gate)
attack knob
decay knob
5v p-p envelope CV out
variable out with associated attentuator

1 audio in
1 audio out
3 CV ins

1 audio in
1 audio out
"q" (resonance) knob
3 CV ins

CONTROL OSCILLATOR (LFO = low frequency oscillator)
Tuning switch 1-3Hz, 3-9, 9-25 Hz
Tuning knob
5v p-p voltage out
variable voltage out
noise source audio out

0db audio in
3db audio in
1 audio output
3 voltage control ins

3 octave keyboard
glide amount knob
pitch (transpose) knob
2 trigger outs
1 control voltage out

Some if not all of these Paia 2700s were assembled from kits. This means construction quality varied. When we opened up this one up, we found the internal soldering wasn't  very good - some modules needed resoldering immediately and there's a chance some may need it after shipment, so we recommend this Paia only to someone who's able to fix things like this. It's important to keep in mind this is Paia and not one of the higher quality, more expensive manufacturers of the time. Because this is a relatively low cost item we decided to sell it the way it is rather than pay our tech more than it's worth to get it 100%, which would actually be better than it was originally designed to be! :D So, back to the details...  Here's everything we noticed, though it's possible we unintentionally missed something.  It's also possible some of these things are perfectly normal for Paia - we don't recall as it's been some time since we worked with other 2700 stuff.

-When the keyboard is set to control oscillator frequency, the pitch drops after the key is released.  
-The oscillator pulse width pot is only effective at the top 1/2 and below that the output is silent. 
-The vca bleeds through slightly, but this is normal. 
-The pin jack multiples arent working, but this should be the simplest fix.
-The keyboard pitch pot isnt behaving well - its mostly lower in pitch than one would expect and turning it counterclockwise raises the pitch. however, theres a spot near the right most position where the pitch is significantly higher. We suspect the pot needs cleaning or replacement. 
-Theres a slight bulge in the back of the unit and a piece of plexiglass placed there to isolate a circuit board placed parallel to the back cover. 
-The keyboard gate / envelope interaction was a little weird, with the gate causing some kind of oscillation and the keyboard to envelope was a little strange as well, but this may be normal. 
-As is normal with these, the oscillator / keyboard doesn't track so well over its entire range. 
-Some of the keyboard notes are discolored, and the rest arent - weve seen this with similar vintage keyboards in the past and suspect this is due to their producing certain keys differently. 
-Theres a small formica panel covering the blank module spaces. You can remove this and add/wire your own modules or leave it the way it is. 
-The glide knob is missing but the pots still there, intact and working fine. 
-There's also a TINY spot about an inch long where theres a small bubbled area between the orange coating and the metal it covers. No big deal at all but unlike most sellers, we like to be really thorough with our descriptions! 

So, this synth can use a bit of tweaking inside.  If you like to tinker with electronics, this should be a fun project for you.  It should be emphasized, again, that this synth is being offer on a strictly as is basis, and its sale is final.

This synth sold, but get this - the buyer, despite the fact that he was given the very detailed list of problems above - ended up reselling it shortly after he got it from us, conveniently failed to mention any of the issues we described in his listing and claimed "I don't know much about this but it seems to work fine". He sold it for significantly more than what we got for it. And this, folks, is sadly the world we live in today where people often misrepresent their vintage items - some even intentionally.