Paia 2700 Modular

Paia 2700 Modular

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Paia 2700 Modular For Sale. 

This unit was tested and is working surprisingly well for a user assembled unit of its type and age. Since it's a relatively low value item, since tech time is valuable, and since most people who buy Paia gear are also into DIY electronics and enjoy doing their own repairs, we are selling it as is. This is one of the simplest synths ever made so sorting out its issues or even fully refurbishing it to be as good as new shouldnt be hard for someone who knows what they're doing. During testing, we noticed the following issues: The envelope generator attack seems too fast at maximum setting and the expand function doesn't seem to work. The oscillator doesn't track the keyboard well. We didn't attempt to calibrate the oscillator so doing so may or may not fix this -these 2700 paia oscillators typically dont track well, so this may just be due to design and not any defect. If you can't do your own repairs and don't have a good tech, you may want to trying to get in touch with Paia to see if they'd consider doing it or if they could refer you to someone who works on old Paia gear. This sale includes technical manuals and patch cables, as shown. Note: the manual colors changed a bit during photo editing, but the synth looks exactly the way it appears in the pics.

This Paia-2720 keyboard synthesizer is quite an interesting vintage synth. The 2700 series patchable capability makes it more flexible than many other synths from the seventies. You can use this as a stand alone synth for spacey sound effects, experiments and groovy (though simple) analogue sounds or use its modules together with your other patchable gear to get some more power and variety! You can even use it as an effects processor and route external sounds through it. It's got its own unique sound no other synth manufacturer has captured. Here are its features (modules appear in bold):

Power Supply module
includes 2 adjustable voltage sources with outputs and multiples

voltage control oscillator (VCO)
ramp, triangle and pulse outs, with adjustable
pulse width and 3 CV ins

FUNCTION GENERATOR (envelope generator)
expand on off (lengthens attack time)
manual trigger button
trigger input (for keyboard or other gate)
attack knob
decay knob
5v p-p envelope CV out
variable out with associated attentuator

CONTROL OSCILLATOR (LFO = low frequency oscillator)
Tuning switch 1-3Hz, 3-9, 9-25 Hz
Tuning knob
5v p-p voltage out
variable voltage out
noise source audio out

0db audio in
3db audio in
1 audio output
3 voltage control ins

1 audio in
1 audio out
"q" (resonance) knob
3 CV ins

1 audio in
1 audio out
3 CV ins




3 octave keyboard
glide amount knob
pitch (transpose) knob
2 trigger outs
1 control voltage out