Paia Stringz N Thingz

Paia Stringz N Thingz

Currently sold out. Please use the "add to wishlist" button below so we can notify you when we have another available.

Paia Stringz N Thingz For Sale. We can't justify paying our tech to restore this item due to its low value, so we are selling it strictly in as is conditon. It likely needs an overhaul, like they all do over 3 decades after they were made. If you don't mind paying extra to fully restore it, please contact us, but it'll be very pricey.

This unit has been tested and has the following issues: 
The string sound is noisy and crackles.
The 2nd F key from the bottom does not sound.
The split 2 LED is not lighting up.
The pots crackle.
It's possible we overlooked something else, though it's unlikely as it's a relatively simple item.
As with all vintage Pratt-Reed keyboard mechanisms, you will probably want to go in and change

We have no reason to believe this unit cannot be fully restored by someone with the skills to do so, but it's being sold strictly as is, with no guarantees, returns or refunds.