PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard

PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard

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PPG PRK FD Processor Keyboard For Sale. 

We got this from its original owner. It came in along with a PPG Wave 2.2 that was converted to a 2.3 (sold separately - search our website for PPG Wave).

The PPG PRK FD was designed to let you load sampled sounds into your PPG Wave and play them via this units built in wooden keyboard that feels a lot more like playing a piano than the PPG Wave does.

We paid our tech for the 6 hours required to service this instrument, which was really just spent addressing key contact problems, cleaning, reading basic info in the manual, and testing. He tested basic functions and things appear to be working as they should, though he didn't get too deep as this isn't an item we normally deal with, so we aren't familiar enough with it to test everything systematically, the way we normally test our items. Sold as is, but we have no reason to believe any part of it isn't working. This unit was designed to hook up to a PPG Wave 2.3. This sale includes everything seen in photos as well as the cable to connect this to the PPG Wave. We see a high rate of failure in vintage floppy disks. Although our tech didn't mention any failures with these in his notes, it's likely he didn't test them all, so it's possible some may not work. System Disk OS 2.5.