Rhodes Chroma Polaris Boxed

Rhodes Chroma Polaris Boxed

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Rhodes Chroma Polaris In Original Box For Sale. 

Happy ending: This unit has been sold to a customer who was happy to pay for a new membrane panel and installation. 

We have seen the membrane panel break in shipping when receiving them, and they are typically broken when we get them, so we recommend against buying this one the way it is because we feel its very likely to break in shipping or shortly thereafter since they always seem to break as the plastic ages and gets brittle. We can replace the membrane for an additional charge (Approx $250 panel cost plus installation) or, alternatively, search our website for Polaris as we probably have another that we already refurbished and replaced the membrane panel on). 

The reason we're offering this one without replacing the membrane is because some collectors want things original even when its illogical, and because we have 2 in stock at the time of writing this and figure some people might want to take a gamble on a lower priced option, even though we really don’t recommend it. If the membrane breaks in transit, we won't be held responsible, nor will we allow you to file a shipping insurance claim for it, and there will be no refunds, whole or partial. Most of the other Polarises we’ve seen for sale by other sellers haven’t had panels replaced, but that doesn't mean they won't arrive broken! So please buy the other one. Once it sells, we'll probably replace this one and raise its price accordingly.

Here's this Polaris in action: