Rhodes Chroma Power Supply 2

Rhodes Chroma Power Supply 2

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Rhodes Chroma Power Supply For Sale #1

This is 1 of 2 such items we are currently selling. This power supply was taken out of a Rhodes Chroma vintage synth before we meticulously refurbished it. Part of our standard Chroma refurb process has in the past included removing and replacing the original power supply before rebuilding the unit, which is why we're offering this one here. This unit is untested and is being sold strictly as is, with no warranty or guarantee. It may work or it may not, so please be prepared to fix it if it needs fixing. Check out the photos. What you see is what you get. If you're not a qualified electronics tech, you shouldn't be messing around with power supplies. Please make sure you only let a qualified vintage synth technician work on your Chroma. There are lethal voltages in power supplies that can kill you or really mess you up. Obviously we will not be held responsible for death, injury, or any kinds of damage caused by using, abusing, misusing this item.