Roland CR-8000

Roland CR-8000

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Roland CR-8000 CompuRhythm For Sale. Classic Analog Beatbox. 

Our tech fully refurbished the one shown here but it's no longer available as it's become part of the massive studio collection at The Synth Sanctuary. We do get them in occasionally though.

Here's a video of one of our CR-8000s in action:

The TR-808 and CR-78's lovechild. Funky analog drum sounds and pattern sequencer. This hard to find vintage analog drum machine sounds great and is perfect for that retro electro antique drum machine sound. An excellent alternative to the classics. Most of the sounds on the 8000 are short and punchy. They dont have the boom of the 808 yet aren't as thin as the 78. Because the CR8000 isn't so popular, we feel its a better option cause you won't sound like everyone else. Our personal favorites are the cymbals, high hats and hand claps. Best for techno, house music and other forms of electronic music.

Features kick drum, snare drum, rimshot, low tom, hi tom, open and closed hihats, cymbal, cowbell, mid conga, low conga, handclap, claves and accent. Features DIN Sync in and out so that you can sync this to your MIDI to DIN converter, 808, TB-303, MC-202 or other gear with DIN sync, 1/4" trigger out (8th note, 16th note or accent out) and more. Preset and user programmable rhythm patterns.