Roland HS-60 Synth Plus 60

Roland HS-60 Synth Plus 60

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Roland HS-60 Synth Plus 60 For Sale. Fully refurbished and future-proofed. This is a Juno-106 with built in speakers.

We paid our tech for 16 hours of skilled labor to completely refurbish and future-proof this unit so it will hopefully outlast all others of its kind. This work is of course reflected in its price. 

All 80017 chips had their resin coating removed (this coating eventually starts causing failures in these, so we chemically remove it as a preventative measure). Both speakers in this unit have been replaced with new ones. The battery was replaced and patches were reloaded. This unit was cleaned inside and out. (The speaker area is hard to clean, so you may still see dust inside that section if you look closely). All tact switches were replaced. Cold solder joints were reflowed. Cleaned and lubes all slide and rotary pots. Recalibrated. Adjusted keyboard. Systematically tested several times and burn in test passed.