Roland JP-8000

Roland JP-8000

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Roland JP-8000 for sale. Fully tested by professionals and working great.

This is a lovely virtual analog synth offering many of the features of vintage Roland polyphonic analog synthesizers but is actually digitally modelled after the analog classics and behaves better than most vintage synths you'll find for sale by other sellers. Not ours though, our vintage synths work right. But back to the JP... It sounds a lot different from the Nord Lead, Access Virus and other virtuals. We feel it's similar in architecture and sound to the Roland Jupiter-6. The JP8000 is a great tool for any electronic music studio. Many trance and electronic dance producers list the 8000 as a favorite. It's great for a wide variety of synth sounds-  leads, pads, strings, basses and blips- among others. Contains built in effects, a motion sequencer for recording and playing back realtime knob movements, a MIDI arpeggiator and Rolands RPS realtime phrase sequencing feature that lets you trigger individual sequences from different keys of your keyboard controller.  

Photos show a unit we recently serviced for a customer.