Roland Juno-60 Road Case

Roland Juno-60 Road Case

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Roland Juno-60 Road Case For Sale.

This is an old used case.  When we got it, there was a Juno-60 in it and it looked like the case foam was still intact, but when we just tried to remove the Juno, it was stuck. It turns out the foam on the bottom of the case had stuck to the Juno, and that foam ripped out of the case when the Juno was removed and was stuck to the bottom of the Juno until we cleaned it off. Needless to say, this case should be refoamed before any Juno is put inside.

Weight is around 31 lbs. 

This item will ship exactly as shown, with a label taped onto it and its latches taped shut. We may or may not also add fragile labels and directional arrows. It's possible it will get scuffed up a bit in transit.