Roland MKS-10 Planet P

Roland MKS-10 Planet P

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Roland MKS-10 Planet P For Sale - Professionally Serviced

We paid our tech to replace the electrolytic capacitors and diode in power supply section so it will hopefully outlast others of its kind. Fully tested and working great.

Comes with original box and manual. JUST the box, not the foam inserts from the original packaging - since we only got one foam insert, we're not going to include it because we can't pack it right with just one insert). 

This is a simple instrument, with only 8 sounds accessible from the front panel. It sounds surprisingly good though, and even better when its chorus / flanger and tremolo (misspelled tremoro in the manual) are activated. A must for the Roland collector or those who like synth piano sounds.

Here's a video of this particular MKS10 in action: