Roland S-10

Roland S-10

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Roland S-10 Digital Sampling Keyboard For Sale. This unit was professionally cleaned and serviced.

This unit came to us with a broken disk drive, due to a broken drive belt (which is extremely common in older disk drives). So we paid our tech for 2 hours of skilled synth tech time to service it. He replaced the belt, cleaned the head and felt pusher. Replaced the original battery and checked voltage, lubed slide pots and tested this unit. The modify button works well but the action is less clicky than the other buttons, which is something most sellers wouldnt notice or disclose if they did. One other thing we should point out is that we received this unit with a bunch of quick disks, but only two of them work, suggesting either the rest are bad (which is definitely possible since we see a high rate of ancient floppy disk failures) or its possible the drive is out of spec. Most people retrofit these with modern drive replacements that are much better than the originals. The reason we opted to repair the drive rather than replace it was so that someone who had a bunch of samples on quick disks but no longer had an s10 could load them into this unit. There's a chance this may not be possible if the disks are bad or if the drive is out of spec, so whoever buys this may want to go for the floppy drive emulator usb replacement option, which is cheap and which contains over 200 quick disks full of samples. 





We paid our tech for over 4 hours of skilled labor required to clean this unit inside and out, replace the disk drive belt with a new one, fix common issues known to effect this model and to replace the internal battery so this unit will hopefully outlast all others you may find. He also tested it thoroughly. This was a significant investment of time and money and is reflected in the higher than usual price. The result is a unit that looks great and is working great too, unlike many S-10s out there. 

One minute detail we should mention is that the C D button's feel is not the same as the others, but it does work. We normally fix things like this (even when they still function) but simply can't invest more time and money in this item because we're already losing money on it. If you'd like our tech to address this, please contact us to discuss, though, as stated, it does work.
This unit comes with a hard foam lined case and a box of quickdisks that a previous owner appears to have used to record samples onto. It's likely some of these disks are not working, though we don’t know how many. (Our tech told us around 70% of the disks he tested were functional, but he also tried disks from the original Roland factory sound library we are selling separately). 

The foam inside the case is cut in such a way that the keyboard and boxes of quick disks (all except one of which we are selling separately) sat right beside one another. We decided to remove the boxes of disk from the case because we felt it would be unsafe to ship the keyboard this way - the keyboard would have likely crushed the disks. We will stuff the empty space with bubblewrap or similar padding so the keyboard is well-protected during shipping.

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