Roland SH-09

Roland SH-09

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Roland SH-09 For Sale. Meticulously refurbished and better than the rest.

The Synthesizer 09, as its also referred to, is a cool little analog monosynth. Its sweet, warm analog tone makes it one of the nicest and most in demand of the lower cost monophonic analogue keyboards. In comparison with other Roland gear, tonally, in our opinion, it's far superior to an SH-101 and similar to the System 100 or earlier SH series. To us, it sounds warmer. In addition to all the standard analog synth features, it's also got an audio input which lets you use the SH-09 to process external sounds - vocals, guitars, drum loops, samples, etc. You can sweep its filter manually to warp your sounds, or apply LFO to it to get an auto-wah effect. Speed up the LFO rate to get closer to a frequency modulation type effect. Use the keys (or external gate) to act as a gate to chop up your input signal. Best of all, there's a built in envelope follower which alters the filters cutoff frequency depending on volume of the incoming signal. It's quite a useful effect. While several older analog synths have filter inputs, few in this range offer this feature. Even if you don't plan on using it to alter external sounds, it's a great choice. We love it for bass.

Famous users include: 808 State, Cabaret Voltaire / Richard Kirk, Vince Clarke, Eurythmics, Baby Ford, Massive Attack, OMD, Tangerine Dream, Orbital and others!