Roland SH-101 Gray

Roland SH-101 Gray

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Roland SH-101 for sale. Fully serviced by professional perfectionists (us), working absolutely flawlessly and better andthan the rest. Optional gray handgrip also available, please search our other items.


This is the ultimate techno synth.  It came in 3 colors: gray, red and blue.  It's an analog monosynth that's a real classic, thanks to its awesome bass timbres and funky analog sequences. Used by many producers of acid, trance, drum n'bass, acid house, techno, house, hip hop and many other styles of music. Its internal step sequencer makes it a great live tool and an essential addition to any Roland X0X box collection or dance music studio. It's got CV and gate ins and outs and works off 1 volt per octave and V-trigger. Interfaces best with other Roland machines from the same time period (MC-202, TR-909, TR-808, CR-8000, SH-09, Jupiter, etc) or works perfectly with nearly all MIDI to CV boxes.  If you like the TB-303, you'll love the SH-101 because it has that early 80's Roland sound but is much more flexible.

Here's an SH101 video we made just for you: ;)