Roland SIP-300

Roland SIP-300

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Roland SIP-300 Guitar Pre-Amp Rack For Sale. Superb condition, professionally refurbished!

This unit is in as close to mint condition as we've seen, and comes in its original box and includes an unused block diagram sticker that most people stuck to their SIPs. 

This SIP was fully working when we got it, but we had our tech inspect it and he found that the original electrolytic capacitors had begun to leak, which is a very common problem with vintage Roland and Korg items. This is something that few sellers address but that needs to be addressed or it can and usually will damage circuit board traces and cause serious problems. So we had our tech replace all electrolytic caps. He also cleaned this unit inside and out and tested it fully to be sure everything's working exactly as it should... and it is. 

Due to its exceptional condition and the fact that we paid our tech to properly refurbish this item to make it better than the rest, this SIP300 is intentionally priced at top market value. We doubt you'll find another that's as good as this one.