Roland System-100M

Roland System-100M

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Roland System-100M For Sale - 5 module system in cabinet with keyboard. We buy, sell, trade, restore and repair.

This system includes the following fully refurbished pieces:

112 Dual VCO
121 Dual VCF
130 Dual VCA
140 Dual Envelope Generator with LF)
150 Ring Mod / Noise Generator / Sample and Hold / LFO
181 Keyboard
191-J Powered Rack
5 x 191-J to module power cables
1 x 191-J to keyboard power cable

This unit originated in Japan and runs off 100 volts.

Meticulously overhauled by perfectionists over many hours, and working better than the rest. Disassembled, cleaned inside and out, fully serviced by vintage synth specialists with decades of experience, systematically tested by perfectionists over a long period and fully functional. Few sellers invest the time, love and money we do in the preparation of our gear, and this is justifiably reflected our prices.

Please note: even after disassembly and cleaning, some faders may still crackle occasionally due to their age. If anyone's got a source for brand new replacement faders, we'd love to know about it!

If we find a buyer for the 181 keyboard, we would be willing to sell the rest of the system for less. If not, we're selling it as a package.