Roland TR-606

Roland TR-606

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Roland TR-606 Drumatix For Sale. Meticulously serviced and working perfectly. We replaced all the tact switches with new ones for flawless operation (they usually retrigger these days), cleaned and lubed all pots, resoldered stuff that often develops bad solder joints, cleaned things up inside and out, resoldered battery terminals, cleaned jacks and tested all functions and everything appears to be working exactly as it should. 

The work we did to this unit to make it operationally better than the rest should add value to anyone buying one of these as it's work you won't have to pay another tech to do. This work is embedded in its higher than usual price. This item will be packed right so it arrives intact too. You get what you pay for.


The 606 rhythm machine is the brother of the famous TB-303 Bassline. Both classic instruments helped define the sound of techno. The TR-606 user interface and sound are somewhat similar to the legendary 808, but he 606 sounds a lot punchier to us. Since it's so small and runs off batteries, it's nice and portable. Its pattern sequencer is very easy to use and a great tool for composing funky rhythms.  Great for techno, house, acid, industrial, synthpop and other electronic music but can also sound great in alternative rock, pop or other music.     

Here's a video we made using another 606:

Here's a video we made featuring another TR606 and TB303:


• Unique ANALOG drum sounds, with individual knobs for level
◦ bass drum
◦ snare
◦ low tom
◦ hi tom
◦ cymbal
◦ open high hat
◦ closed high hat
◦ accent (global)
• 32 Pattern memory: Write Mode

◦ use sound selector and tap button to enter patterns in realtime
◦ or, enter in step mode: 16 buttons (each with their own LED) correspond to 16 note positions.  Making patterns this way is tons of fun cause the lights flash from left to right and always show you your current position.  
◦ scale and time signature selection 
• 32 Pattern memory: Play Mode: select patterns in realtime mode, perfect for realtime song arranging / techno sets.
• Track Mode: Write: arrange many patterns into songs.
• Track Mode: Play: select the song you want to play back.
• Tempo
• Main Volume
• Pattern Clear
• Run/Stop
• Function
• Pattern Group I and II
• Write/Next, Tap Step Reset
• 6 volume controls for indiv instruments
• Run/Stop Jack for pedal
• DIN sync to synchronize to other old Rolands: TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, TB-303, MC-202, etc
• Sync In or out switch
• 2 trigger outs to trigger external synths, sequencers, envelope generators (SH-101, Pro-One, modular synth, analog sequencer arpeggiator, etc)