Sequential Circuits

Sequential Circuits Prophet Remote

Sequential Circuits Prophet Remote

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Sequential Circuits Prophet Remote For Sale. This is one of the original keytars. Connect it to your Prophet-5, strap it on and show that guitarist who's boss! 

Since this is generally sold as a collectors item, the price is for an unserviced, untested unit without the special cable you’ll need to hook it up to a prophet-5. Any decent tech could make that cable for you, though the parts are likely not cheap unless they already have the type of cable required. We have no idea whether or not it would work once hooked up - we have no reason to believe it won’t, but, at the very least, this type of keyboard mechanism always needs to be properly rebuilt (bushings replaced, bus bar and j-wires cleaned, etc) in order to work properly. We would normally do this work but need our tech to focus his limited time on more profitable items.