Serge Modular Music Systems Synthesizer

Serge Modular Music Systems Synthesizer

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Serge Modular Music Systems Synthesizer For Sale. This retro wooden suitcase full of synth contains 4 original vintage paper face Serge panels with an excellent assortment of modules and a complementary vintage DIY panel with circuits based around highly regarded CEM chips. This system is capable of making some incredible sounds, West Coast style! 

We already invested around 25 hours into restoring this system and will complete its restoration once we find a buyer.

Note: although the front panel suggests this unit contains a Shepard Function Generator, there are no circuits for this module behind the front panel. Also, on the DIY panel, the oscillator sine waveshape function is not implemented. 

We are accepting cash offers for this unique music machine or would consider trading it towards other vintage modular synths like Buchla, Roland System 700, Korg PS-3300, Polyfusion, Emu modular, etc.