Serge Modular Synthesizer System Panel

Serge Modular Synthesizer System Panel

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80s Vintage Serge Modular Panel with Rare Modules For Sale

This panel contains the following modules:

Ring Modulator
Wilson Analog Delay
Dual Phaser
Wave Multiplier
Gentle Electric Pitch & Envelope Follower

We did the following servicing to this panel:

Installed ground wire. Fixed an original assembly error that went unnoticed for decades (preamp wiring was wrong). We cleaned all pots and tested all functions and everything's crackle-free and appears to work as it should. The WAD in2 pot is a bit crooked but works fine. A few of the pots on this and the other panel we just put up for sale may physically move a little beyond their original range at zero or max or may not feel 100% smooth like a new pot. This is typical of these vintage pots. They do however work perfectly fine. 

Power supply not included. 

Here's a video of just 2 Doepfer modular oscillators going through just one of the legendary Serge Wave Multiplier sections.