Sho-Bud Pro II Pedal Steel Guitar AS-IS

Sho-Bud Pro II Pedal Steel Guitar AS-IS

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Sho-Bud Pro II Pedal Steel Guitar For Sale - as-is

PLEASE MAKE A FAIR OFFER (after reading)

We normally deal in vintage synths, don’t know anything about this item, and have no clue about its actual value. We don’t expect it to be worth our asking price. Please get in touch if you can help determine its value, and if you want it, feel free to make a fair offer for us to consider. 

We got this in a big package deal. It appears to need a full restoration. The customer we got it from said most people who play lap steels are also comfortable restoring them, since there aren’t many techs who work on them. Either way, we suspect there’s someone you could pay to refurbish this instrument if you’re not up for it.

In comparing it to many other examples of this model online, we immediately noticed the graphics are different on this one. Serial number is 5524.

We tried to photograph it as well as we could so people could see what they’d be getting. Larger photos are available. The only thing we can tell you about this unit that the pictures won’t tell you is that this item smells very musty. It’s untested and is being sold strictly as-is, for restoration, or, in a worst case scenario, for parts, though we would hate to see it gutted. No guarantees, warranties or refunds. To our untrained eyes, it looks complete, so we suspect it can be restored by someone who knows what they’re doing, but we can’t say this with certainty cause it’s not our area of expertise.