Simmons SDS7 Full Kit

Simmons SDS7 Full Kit

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Simmons SDS7 Full Kit For Sale. We often have just the synth section for sale. This sale is for the whole kit - it includes the synth brain with 6 modules - bass, snare, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3 and hi hat - program selector pad, 5 small drum pads, 1 large kick drum pad, miscellaneous cables, and carrying bags that fit all pieces other than the brain. Will ship in 3 boxes.

This unit was tested when purchased and is in perfect working order with the exception of the selector pad - the 2 and 4 columns don't seem to be working. Since most people use these in the studio and kit selection is also easy using the data knob, we were planning on selling it the way it is. However, if it's a deal-breaker, let us know and we can have our tech investigate. 


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