Star Instruments Synare S3X

Star Instruments Synare S3X

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Star Instruments Synare S3X For Sale - Meticulously Refurbished

This unit was fully refurbished and is in excellent working order / better than others you may find. Everything was removed and it was cleaned inside and out. The pots in these are usually in bad shape and crackly or with other defects, so we replaced them all with new ones, as usual. Electrolytic capacitors were replaced with new ones, not by necessity, but because we want this unit to hopefully outlast others. The original pad surface was removed and replaced with a brand new one. A complete set of vintage knobs was installed. Everything was tested and is in perfect working order. We paid our tech for 5.5 hours of skilled labor to refurbish this unit, and this work is reflected in its higher than usual price, because it's a much better purchase than others you may find. 

Probably the most popular type of drum synth from the 70s and early 80s, well known for the noise clap sound from Betty Davis Eyes, that disco space tom thing, and countless other songs from the period. It's a drum pad and flexible analog synth in 1. Makes simple drum sounds as well as complex FM sounds. Has 2 oscillators - 1 can be switched to noise, 2 can be pitch modulated by the envelope.