Synthesizers.com Studio-66

Synthesizers.com Studio-66

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Synthesizers.com Studio-66 Synthesizer System For Sale. According to the customer we bought it from, he purchased this unit around a year and a half ago. It looks unused and, apart from a couple minor imperfections hardly worth mentioning in detail, is in perfect condition. We tested it and it's working great. Dot com systems were created as a cost effective alternative to real Moog modulars. We'd never replace our vintage Moog modulars with one, but they're great synths nonetheless.

Here's a video we quickly shot when photographing this monster:

Studio-66 Synthesizer System:

7x Q106 Oscillator
1x Q107 Filter (VCF)
4x Q108 Amplifier (VCA)
4x Q109 Envelope Generator
1x Q110 Noise Source
1x Q111 Pan/Fade
1x Q113 Mixer 8-Channel
1x Q115 Reverb
1x Q116 Ring Modulator
1x Q117 Sample and Hold
1x Q118 Instrument Interface
1x Q119 Sequencer
1x Q120 Connector Interface
1x Q123 Standards
2x Q124 Multiples
2x Q125 Signal Processor
1x Q127 Filter Bank
1x Q128 Switch
1x Q130 Clipper, Rectifier
1x Q131 Blank-Single
2x Q132 Blank-Double
2x Q138 Logo Panel - Single Width
1x Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid
2x Q141 Oscillator Aid
1x Q142 Pedal Interface
1x Q143 Presets
1x Q147 Distributor
1x Q171 Quantizer Bank
1x Q172 Quantizer Aid
1x Q174 MIDI Interface
1x Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

1x QCS22 Studio Cabinet 22 Space
1x QCS44 Studio Cabinet 44 Space
1x QCSKG Walnut Studio Keyboard Garage

1x Q101 Power Control
1x Q102 AC Interface
2x Q103 DC Power Interface
1x QDH20 Power Harness, 20 modules
1x QDH40 Power Harness, 40 modules
1x QIC24 Inter-Cabinet Power Cable 24"
1x QPS1 Power Supply

New price: $ 8708.50

Key 61-C Controller Bundle
New price: $ 963.00

Transistor Ladder Filter module Q150:
New price: $189.00

Total new price: $ 9860.50 , not including shipping costs.

Price is negotiable / trade-ins welcome (vintage synths working or not, other modular synths, etc). Please email to discuss if seriously interested.

This item is located in New York City. Local meetup is an option, or we can ship it or have it crated and shipped by a third party.