Wavemakers Integrated Processing System

Wavemakers Integrated Processing System

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Wavemakers Integrated Processing System Modular Synth For Sale. 

We're interested in acquiring other Wavemakers / KB products if anyone's got any for sale or trade.  

This interesting box was designed to allow you to process external sounds through analog modular synthesizer components.  It contains a 3 channel audio mixer, a dual spring reverberator Dual Reverberation KB206 and a KB822 Integrated Processing System.  The KB-822 combines many features in one module - a balanced modulator (ring modulator), VCO voltage controlled oscillator, lowpass filter, highpass filter, phase shifter, dynamic shaper with compressor etc, tracking envelope shaper, VCA, and frequency to voltage converter.  It sounds amazing and is entirely patchable, so you can use it with outside audio or voltages from another modular synth.  The VCO, LPF, HPF and Phaser each have switches to select modulation sources, and there are 3 inputs for external CVs.  The spring reverb sounds like nothing else.  Well, except for a serious spring reverb, which everyone needs!  :)  This is a very flexible, unique unit which most tone tweakers will appreciate.

This item is in very nice shape for a used item of its type and age.  Check out the photos.  All features were tested and appear to be working as they should.  Most importantly, it sounds incredible and makes even the most boring external sounds sound amazing.  We may eventually post some videos.  There are 2 screws sticking out of the sides which originally had big ugly knobs on them.  We have one of them and can include it but the other one was missing when we got it.  We recommend removing the screws and ditching the knobs entirely cause they're kind of ugly(!).  This unit should make most modular synth or serious effects fans very happy.