Wavemakers KB Modular System

Wavemakers KB Modular System

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

KB Electronic Music Instrumentation Wavemaker Modular System For Sale. This early KB system is the precursor to the Wavemaker 4, Wavemaker 6 and other Wavemakers synthesizer products. We love this system and are quite attached to it but may consider parting with it for the right cash or trade offer (Roland System 700, Buchla 200, 300, etc). 

We are also interested in buying or trading for other Wavemakers and KB products, and are looking for schematics, service manuals, calibration procedures and other Wavemaker related literature. Please get in touch if you can help, or if you know someone who's got some of this stuff. Thanks!

Here's a short video of a sound we made on this system.