Yamaha CS-50

Yamaha CS-50

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Yamaha CS50 For Sale. Beautiful example, meticulously refurbished by us and in exceptional physical condition as well as excellent working order, unlike most. This process required approximately 20 hours of skilled labor. The power supply was rebuilt as a precautionary measure, in an effort to extend this units life well beyond others you may find. Tuning trimpots were replaced to make tuning much easier and more stable. Logic ICs were replaced for longterm reliability. Oscillators were calibrated so this instrument is properly in tune. All key contacts were cleaned. All pots were cleaned and lubed.

The CS50 contains the same synth circuits found inside the CS80 but is a smaller, more portable and more affordable unit.

The latch mechanism that secures the door to the power cord compartment is broken, so you'll need to use a small flathead screwdriver to open it when you get it.  Otherwise, everything works great.

This CS50 is in superb condition and should make just about anyone looking for a CS-50 extremely happy.