Yamaha DM-2000 Vince Clarke

Yamaha DM-2000 Vince Clarke

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Yamaha DM-2000 Digital Mixer For Sale. Owned by Vince Clarke of Erasure

(Note: the label for this item was abbreviated. To avoid any confusion, this listing is for the mixer and related items listed below. Vince Clarke himself is not for sale, though if you'd like to make an offer for vince, we can forward it along to his wife). :D

a founding member of depeche mode, yaz, erasure and VCMG (a recent techno collaboration with former depeche mode band mate martin gore), vince clarke has greatly influenced countless electronic musicians, including us. its a real pleasure to have him as a customer.

having recently moved from a spacious log cabin studio in maine to a smaller basement studio in new york city (see pics at vinceclarkemusic.com), vince decided he no longer needed his Yamaha DM2000 mixer and asked us to help him sell it. this item was used in the production of erasure tracks recorded in maine. we initially planned to buy it for our crazy new vintage synth studio, but decided to do our mixing inside the computer instead. we have been regretting this decision ever since, as it’s way faster and easier mixing on a dedicated mixer, and this is one of the best of its kind. unfortunately, we’re out of space, so we decided to sell it for vince instead. if it doesn’t sell soon, we may just take it off the market and make room for it in our studio after all.

here’s a pic of erasure with this unit at the cabin studio:

this mixer is incredible. it’s expandable for up to 96 channel inputs (!), has patch memory for instant recall of sessions, built in effects, motorized faders, great EQs, and excellent sound quality, all in a relatively compact package.

this sale includes the following:

yamaha dm2000 mixer
meter bridge
2 digital i/o cards model yamaha my16-at (we bought additional cards which we will make available once this unit sells)
power cord

we briefly tested this unit and it appears to be working as it should. however, this is a very complex piece with a relatively steep learning curve, so we did not test it as meticulously as we test our other items because we just aren’t familiar enough with it to do so and don't have the time to learn it. we have to therefore make it clear that this is a strictly as is sale, with no warranty expressed or implied, no returns or refunds, whole or partial. we have no reason at all to suspect there’s anything wrong with it, we just dont know it well enough to guarantee this. note: the photos of the display show “warning: wrong word clock!”. we installed other ADAT cards in this unit but later removed them and forgot how to restore the previous settings, which we believe is why this message is showing up. if you know the dm2000 well and can tell us how to get rid of this message, we would love to hear from you.

this mixer will be available for pickup in the NYC area. due to its size, value and fragility, we will require it to be professionally crated if it’s going to be shipped. we are not set up to crate items here, but can deliver it to our crater or we can deliver it to the professional crater and shipper of your choice within 20 miles of astoria, new york.

check out vince's music at the links below.