Yamaha TX816

Yamaha TX816

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Yamaha TX816 For Sale. Professionally refurbished.

This unit was professionally serviced. Each of the 8 TF1 modules has had its battery replaced and patches reloaded and had its electrolytic capacitors replaced as a future-proofing measure. As is very common with TX racks, the power supply will sometimes emit a high pitched tone. This does not come out the audio outputs so it can still be used for recording like this. This is a well documented issue with this model and even happened when they were new. If the high pitch bothers you, someone sells a replacement power supply. We may be willing to install one for you if you're willing to pay for it plus labor - message us to discuss before buying.

Here's a video of this unit in action:

You all know the classic Yamaha DX7, the best known digital synth ever. World famous for the beautiful synthetic sounds generated by its FM synth engine.  There's hardly an 80's synthpop band that didn't use one (or many)! This TX-816 is essentially EIGHT DX-7 modules in a single rack - the ultimate multi-timbral FM synthesizer, featuring a whopping 128 note polyphony! I believe it originally sold for several thousand dollars when it came out in the mid 80's. This was THE synth to have at the time and, to this day, is still quite widely used.

Basically, the TX-816 is a modular synth containing 8 DX-7 cards. Each card, also known as a TF-1, is 16 note polyphonic, can hold 32 of its own sounds, and can respond to its own MIDI channel.  It can receive patches from the original DX7 or other TX816s.