360 Systems Spectre

360 Systems Spectre

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360 Systems Spectre = vintage Oberheim SEM for sale. For use with CV gate devices (not set up for use with guitar).

The one shown here has been sold but we currently have access to another that we can fully refurbish for you. Wait time will be around 1 month - please email us if seriously interested.

This unit was meticulously serviced, a process that required over 12 hours of skilled labor, making this unit better and more valuable than others you may find. (service notes are below).

This 360 Systems Guitar Synth came to us with what appears to be a broken guitar pickup, so we had our tech modify it for use with CV and gate from any compatible CV gate devices (including most if not all available midi to CV converters). He also modified it so there's full control over the VCA envelope generator, adding 2 potentiometers for the 2 envelope control that are missing from the stock Spectre in the place of 2 1/4" jacks that aren't needed when using it without a guitar. We will include the old pickup, clipped cables and replaced jacks for whoever buys this unit.  Since this unit's not set up for use with a guitar, the left side controls have no effect (string related stuff, octave select and transpose settings).  We also need to make it clear that since we couldn't test the guitar related stuff, we have no idea whether the guitar section is working or not, so are selling this unit strictly as is.  If you plan on using it with a guitar, please realize this.  All other controls for the synth section are working perfectly and play beautifully via the CV and gate jacks.  One of the tuning pots is probably slightly bent as it doesnt move as smoothly as the other. Regardless, it's still fully functional and isn't bothersome to operate.

This unit was fully disassembled and cleaned. replaced power supply capacitors, resoldered molex connectors, replaced terminals for power line, removed unused wires for guitar section, rewired cv in gate in and filter cv in, cleaned and lubed all pots and switches in SEM section, cleaned jacks, wired new pots for sustain and decay. removed single cable for audio out and replaced with shielded cable. recalibrated. replaced range trimpots vco1 and vco2. This restoration work required over 12 hours of skilled labor. 

This synth brought the Oberheim SEM sound into the hands of guitarists.  Those who know the Oberheim SEM know it's one of the sweetest sounding synthesizers ever.  Nice simple musical features but an incredible tone.  2 oscillators, pulse and saw waves, multimode filter with crossfading mode pot and oscillator sync.  This is the sound that made the 2 voice, 4 voice and 8 voice Oberheims famous.  

Here's a video of this particular Spectre in action: