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360 Systems Spectre

360 Systems Spectre

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360 Systems Spectre for sale. This synth brought the Oberheim SEM sound into the hands of guitarists.  Those who know the Oberheim SEM know it's one of the sweetest sounding synthesizers ever.  Nice simple musical features but an incredible tone.  2 oscillators, pulse and saw waves, multimode filter with crossfading mode pot and oscillator sync.  This is the sound that made the 2 voice, 4 voice and 8 voice Oberheims famous.  

Note: The unit in the photos and described below has sold, but we have another we may be able to prepare for you - email us.

This 360 Systems Guitar Synth came to use without a guitar pickup, so we rewired the transpose A and B jacks for CV and gate ins.  This modification will allow this synthesizer to be controlled from other 1 volt per octave CV and gate devices.  We tested it with a Roland MC-202 and it worked great and sounded terrific.  Since we were unable to hook it up to a guitar, the left side controls had no effect (string related stuff, octave select and transpose settings).  We also need to make it clear that since we couldn't test the guitar related stuff, we have no idea whether the guitar section is working or not, so are selling this unit strictly as is.  If you plan on using it with a guitar, please realize this and also remember you'll need to find or somehow rig up a pickup to use this with guitar.  All other controls for the synth section are working fine and play beautifully via the CV and gate jacks.   

Cosmetics are very nice for a used item of its type and age.  There's some adhesive residue on the outside of the case.  We only did a quick cleaning, so you might have better luck removing it with the right solvent if you feel it's necessary .  We don't.  There are other minor imperfections not worth mentioning in details - see the pics.  1 of the latches that holds the case closed is missing but the case still closes ok.  There's a new fuse-holder too.  Overall, this unit is in very nice shape and sounds great.

Estimated preparation time: 4-8 weeks