ARP 16 Voice Electronic Piano Prototype Demo Model

ARP 16 Voice Electronic Piano Prototype Demo Model

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ARP 16 Voice Piano Prototype Demo Model For Sale. 

This is believed to be a prototype of the ARP 16 Voice Electronic Piano. It's the unit ARP showed off at trade shows. We have another that is believed to be the first prototype that we will sell or trade separately. But back to this one... It’s built into a black wooden cabinet made to look like a proper piano. It was stored in its road case in a barn for many years and smells musty. There is evidence of mildew or mold on the top cover. This unit is currently in its original crate in storage. It's too big and heavy for us to move around without risking injury (which we won't do). The photos shown here were taken by the person we got it from.

This item is being offered strictly as is, with the understanding that whoever ends up with it will, at the very least, want to give it a good cleaning, but will probably need to perform repairs / restoration. Comes with matching piano bench and sheet music stand, as long as we can find them (shouldnt be a problem).

We are looking for reasonable offers for this unique piece or might consider trades for other rare vintage electronic musical instruments.

Ancient trade show photo for reference (not included).