ARP 2600 Model 2600

ARP 2600 Model 2600

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ARP 2600 For Sale.

This unit was meticulously refurbished and future-proofed and is therefore better than the vast majority of 2600s now since we go above and beyond other sellers to ensure our ARPs are not only working perfectly but that they will hopefully outlast all others too. This process required 40 hours of skilled vintage synth tech and was done to the highest standards. In addition to any necessary repairs, work performed included: keyboard rebuild, power supply rebuild, speaker reconing, replacement of all tantalum capacitors, cleaning inside and out, cleaning of key contacts, slide pots, switches, replacement of molex terminal connectors and recalibration, etc. This unit is now in perfect working order and is sure to make its next owner very happy. 

2600 synthesizer sn26127x
3604 keyboard sn36127x

Here's a video of 6 minutes of evolving sounds made on this particular 2600.
Performance by Jay Wires (who you should follow).

The ARP-2600 is one of our favorite vintage analog synthesizers and is ideal for any serious analog synthesist or sound designer. It has an incredible unique sound. You can use this ARP 2600 to make superb sound effects, smooth lead sounds, fat basses, vocal-like patches, animal sounds or whatever - it's hard to sit down at a 2600 and not coax wonderful sounds from it. The voice of Star Wars character R2D2 was done on an ARP-2600. It's a truly versatile instrument, capable of generating a huge range of sounds. The vintage spring reverb gives it extra depth. As far as modular synthesizers go, it is one of the most compact and affordable models. It's also one of the easiest modular synths to use - there are many hardwired connections so you don't need to know much about synthesis to coax great sounds out of it.

Here is a basic rundown of its features: 3 VCOs (oscillators) - all with low frequency switches, voltage controlled filter/resonator vcf, VCA, 2 Envelope Generators, Sample and Hold, Noise source, Ring Modulator, PreAmp, Envelope follower, Spring reverb, 2 built in speakers, Electronic Switch, Voltage processors: Lag Processor, Invertors, Mixer, Voltage Sources, multiples and final output mixer/panner.