Alesis A6 Andromeda

Alesis A6 Andromeda

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Alesis Andromeda A6 for sale. Professionally serviced. All potentiometers were cleaned and now work as they should. Muting transistors replaced. Battery replaced. All voices tune up just fine using the onboard autotune function, and this unit sounds amazing and is ready for its new home.

This ones been sold but we may have another - email us.

Note: The keyboard aftertouch on this unit and the other we compared it to is imperfect, meaning the response can vary from key to key using its built in keyboard. (This one actually behaved better than the other)

Here's a video of an Andromeda we sold in the past:

The A6 is probably the deepest polyphonic analog synthesizer ever made. One of the people on the Alesis team responsible for creating this masterpiece was in touch with us a while back and said they used his Moog Modular, Yamaha CS80 and Oberheim SEMs as modeling sources for it. This explains why it sounds so good! We like this synth for all kinds of sounds. Due to its architecture, it can easily sound way more complex and interesting than most if not all analog polysynths, and it has a very nice sound of its own. Definitely a must for the serious programmer, and maybe a bit daunting to the newbie, so you may wanna start somewhere else, kid. ;)