ARP 2600 w/ 3620 Model 2601

ARP 2600 w/ 3620 Model 2601

Please contact us to discuss pricing.

ARP 2600 Synthesizer Model 2601 with 3620 Keyboard For Sale.

NOTE: This item is currently on hold for a customer and is likely spoken for, but please message us if you're interested and if it is somehow still available, we will let you know. If not, we have another we can prepare for you - email us.

Near mint condition, meticulously overhauled over 55 hours, sparing no expense. This unit's been rebuilt with future-proofing measures, is working like new again and will hopefully outlast any other you may find. You will not find a better one. The investment we made in this unit to make it as good as it can possibly be is of course reflected in its price. We know how much love and money we put into our gear here and won't price match with lesser sellers selling lesser examples of this classic vintage synth. 


Here's a video of this 2600 in action: