ARP Odyssey MK1

ARP Odyssey MK1

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This ARP Odyssey is the earlest version, the mark 1.  Its filter sounds way better to us than the other versions, though we love them all. This model was big competition for the Minimoog - it's a much more flexible synth so you can get a lot more interesting sounds out of it. It's duophonic, so you can play 2 notes at once - each note using one of the 2 oscillators. Or, play it monophonically for a double oscillator layered sound. It's a great synth that offers some very impressive modulation options, oscillator sync, 2 vcos, sample and hold with selectable inputs and lag, noise source, LFO, great sounding resonant lowpass filter, highpass filter, VCA, ADSR envelope with autotriggering, CV and gate jacks for hookup to externals synths, sequencers or MIDI convertors. 

Countless musicians used this model - most famous musicians of the late 70s and early 80s used these alongside their Minimoog and Fender Rhodes or Wurlitzer EPs. Compared to the Minimoog, it can make similar musical sounds but is better for sound effects and deep sounds, thanks to the additional features.

We meticulously serviced this Ody so it would be clean inside and out and in perfect working order again. No BS or excuses, this unit's better than the rest and is ready to record with again.

Meticulously overhauled & better than the rest!
Total restoration time: 17 hours

This unit has been sold but we have another we can prepare for you.