ARP Omni 1

ARP Omni 1

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ARP Omni for sale. This unit will be meticulously rebuilt and future-proofed prior to sale. Electronic restoration done right takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money and this is reflected in its price.

Photos are not yet available, so the images here show a previously sold unit.

The ARP Omni is one of the warmest sounding and most sought after of polyphonic analog synth / string machines. It sounds similar to the popular String Ensemble Solina IV but offers more features as it has not only a string synth but a separate bass and synthesizer section too. The synth section is a tweakable analog synth which sounds really cool. Nothing sounds like an Omni to us, thanks to its unique phasing effect and single envelope trigger option. This was a very popular keyboard in the 70s and used by too many musicians to list. If you like synthetic string sounds or want to recreate that 70s retro vibe, the Omni is for you!

Estimated preparation time: 3-9 weeks