Black Corporation

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream

Black Corporation Deckard's Dream

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Black Corporation Deckard's Dream For Sale

Tested and working great and sounding great too! This instrument was obviously inspired by the classic and humungous Yamaha CS80. It's no replacement for one though - if you're looking for a CS80, we probably have one we can sell you - search our website for CS80. This one won't break your back though, unless you're a serious wimp. (No offense)

PROTIP: Resetting to factory default settings will cause the instrument to be out of tune. We're guessing the manufacturer thought it would be cute to make it sound like a non-refurbished unit. It's not cute and we were worried for a minute that it was broken (!) til we quickly figured this out. It's not, and once the detune parameter is set to zero so it would behave like one of our properly refurbished cs80s after warmup, it's nicely in tune and is a pleasure to play.