Crumar Bit 01

Crumar Bit 01

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Crumar Bit 01 For Sale. Fully serviced. 

Not to be confused with the Crumar Bit One keyboard, this is the rack of the Bit 99. The older Bit One keyboard contained SSM chips. This unit contains CEM chips. It sounds great!

We paid our tech for the 10 hours required to properly refurbish this unit the right way = without cutting corners. Work done included the following, though there may be more: The original battery was removed and replaced with a new one. Defective power inlet was removed and replaced with a new one. Replaced power supply capacitors. Resoldered solder joints in power supply. Cleaned up inside. Removed some leaking caps, cleaned circuit board and replaced with new caps. Calibrated filters. Reflowed cold solder joints. Replaced 9 IC chip sockets to ensure proper connection. Performed burn in test, all tests passed.

If you'd like us to install the Tauntek OS upgrade in this unit for an additional fee, please contact us to discuss.