Digital Keyboards Synergy II+

Digital Keyboards Synergy II+

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Digital Keyboards Synergy II+ with MIDI For Sale. 

We just acquired another Synergy II + that has yet to be refurbished. It doesn't come with a computer or software. The description and pics below are from a Synergy we sold previously. Email us to reserve this one.

This sale includes the DK Synergy 2+, Kaypro computer with synth editing software, road case for Synergy, manuals, power cables, and computer to synth connector cable. 

This unit came to us in reasonably good condition and is currently undergoing cleaning and servicing. The power supply will be recapped as a preventative measure. Our tech reports that the original battery is still present and is working. We normally replace batteries during servicing, but he says we may not be able to find a suitable replacement for this type of battery. The case foam is deteriorating to some extent, but is still suitable for safe transport at this time. We recommend removing it from the case immediately upon arrival as rotting case foam often causes serious damage and makes a mess. (The synthesizer will be wrapped in plastic before being placed in its case). The Kaypro computer appears to be loading the software and transmitting sounds properly, but the bottom disk drive may be defective. We're selling the computer as is for a few reasons - the next owner may not even use it and the cost of repairing it (if it's indeed broken) may exceed the cost of replacing it. These were popular computers back in the day and they seem to be relatively easy to find. Most importantly, the editing software and related manuals will be included.