EML Synkey Model 2001

EML Synkey Model 2001

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EML Synkey Model 2001 for sale. Meticulously serviced. Rare and unusual synth w/ punch cards for patch storage. 

This unit has sold, but we have another one we can refurbish for you.

Here's the description of the last one we sold:

The restoration of this unit took approximately 17 hours of skilled vintage synth tech time. 
As part of the restoration process, we replaced the rubber bushings commonly found in Pratt-Read keyboard mechanisms like this one as they eventually get brittle and break off. There's another type of rubber bushing in the Synkey for the aftertouch function that we wanted to replace, but we couldn't find a source for them so we were unable to do so. One of these bushings was cracked off when we got this unit and our tech replaced it with a standard bushing, but it's almost a chewing gum type of fix so we didn't want him to remove the rest of the bushings and replace them like this. Although the aftertouch feature still works, due to the condition of the old rubber bushings, you will hear a click when you push down hard enough to activate the aftertouch on several of the keys. We suspect all Synkeys will have this issue at this point in time. This sound does not come out the synth's output and is merely due to a physical process. If anyone knows where we can find replacement bushings for the aftertouch mechanism in this unit, please let us know. Other things to note: There's a screw missing from the top back center. I tried to replace it but it seemed as though the top panel was getting pushed up too much, so I removed it. If this is important to you, I can ask our tech to have a look at it and see if he thinks it's a good idea to replace it. And finally, as I was photographing this unit, one of the rubber feet came off. I suspect the hole in the wood has widened and will no longer hold the original screw. If this is a deal breaker for you, let us know and we will see if our tech can fix it.