Ensoniq SQ80

Ensoniq SQ80

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Ensoniq SQ80 for sale. We paid our tech for the 4 hours of skilled labor required to properly disassemble, clean and service this ESQ-1. When we got this unit, we noticed that several of the tact switches under the front panel buttons failed to register.  Although response improved somewhat after use, it still wasn’t good enough, so we replaced them all with new ones.  We also replaced the battery so you shouldn’t have to pay a tech to do this anytime soon. The end result is an SQ80 that’s now clean enough to eat off of and in perfect working order. 

We love this synth. It's got 3 oscillators with digital waveforms, 4 DCAs, 3 LFOs and a whopping 4 envelope generators. A hybrid polysynth, it can sound analog or digital. This 8 part multitimbral keyboard also contained a sequencer and was one of the first workstations.