Ensoniq SQ80

Ensoniq SQ80

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Ensoniq SQ80 for sale. We paid our tech for the 4 hours of skilled labor required to properly disassemble, clean and service this SQ80. We then noticed an issue with the aftertouch - the black keys appear to be transmitting aftertouch when played without any significant pressure. We paid our tech for another couple of hours to try to sort this out but he wasn't able to. Considering the relatively low value of this unit along with the cost of tech time and the fact that many people (including us) don't even use aftertouch, we simply disabled the keyboard aftertouch function so there's no sign of any problem. If anyone reading this has any suggestions as to why this is happening along with a possible fix, please let us know. Otherwise, we are selling this unit the way it is. All other functions appear to be working perfectly.


We love this synth. It's got 3 oscillators with digital waveforms, 4 DCAs, 3 LFOs and a whopping 4 envelope generators. A hybrid polysynth, it can sound analog or digital. This 8 part multitimbral keyboard also contained a sequencer and was one of the first workstations.