Gleeman Pentaphonic Black

Gleeman Pentaphonic Black

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For Sale Gleeman Pentaphonic Black Professionally Serviced

This synth had reportedly been fully serviced before we bought it, but it still wasn't fully functional, so we had to pay our tech for another 7 hours of skilled labor to resolve its problems and now it's working perfectly and sounding like heaven. 

Here's a video of this unit in action. Note there are 4 knob caps missing. We borrowed the caps from the Gleeman Clear in our studio for the photo shoot. We think we found replacements but are awaiting their arrival. If they're a good match, they will be replaced. If they're not, there will be 4 knob caps missing, as there are in the video. We're hopeful that this won't be the case, but if this matters to you, please remember to ask us about this before purchasing this item.

And here's a video of the Gleeman Clear we have in our studio. If anyone has a new set of clear knobs for this one or can make them, please let us know.