Korg M50 (Non-functional)

Korg M50 (Non-functional)

$ 299.99

Korg M50 (Non-functional) For Sale For Parts or Repair. 

We normally refurbish the items we sell, but newer items like this are quite different from the vintage ones we're used to and we don't have time to deal with this, so we decided to sell this unit for parts or repair to someone who either needs parts to fix another M-50 or who has the time and expertise to repair it. 

This unit powers up, but on power up, the display reads "Format was failed!", and it doesn't get past that screen. So we were unable to test it. Sale includes power supply.

This item is being sold completely as-is, with no guarantees that you'll be able to fix it, and no guarantees that the parts are all working, though we have no reason to believe that any parts are not working other than whatever's causing the failure.