Korg Poly 800

Korg Poly 800

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Korg Poly 800 Mk1 for sale. Fully tested, cleaned and working great.

This was from the description of the last P800 we sold, though I think we may have done the same thing to this unit as it sat for months without C batteries installed before I just tested it and the original sounds are still present - if you need to know this for sure, please ask first so I can pop it open to check:

This model normally has its memory backed up by standard batteries, but they tend to leak and cause serious damage. Even when they don't leak, they often die and take your patches with them! We had our tech wire in a much longer lasting memory backup battery to save you from the hassle of dealing with frequently dying batteries and the resulting memory loss. If you're looking for a P800, this one should make you very happy!