Korg Poly-800 - Broken

Korg Poly-800 - Broken

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Broken Korg Poly-800 for sale.

This unit was sitting in a foam lined case for many years, and was a victim of foam rot. We already paid our tech for nearly 3 hours of time to clean it up and assess condition (the foam needed to be removed first as it makes a serious mess) but we told him to stop because it was costing us too much. There's still some foam inside as it gets everywhere. He reported that there's a bad EPROM and that the eprom socket should also be replaced. He said the chorus board is also not working right, so those are the two known issues with this unit. There could be other issues he didn't spot, but that's what he reported in the limited time he went through its functions. Hopefully a DIYer will buy this and fix it. If not, if you're interested in buying it fully functional for a higher price, please get in touch and we'll see if he has time to work on it.