Korg Polysix

Korg Polysix

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Korg Polysix For Sale. Unlike other sellers, we don't cut corners. We paid our tech for the 14 hours of skilled labor required to properly refurbish this unit so it would be nice and clean inside and out and would work like new again and hopefully continue to do so far into the future.

Due to the extra time we need to spend refurbishing the original CPU board after typical battery leakage, we have decided to increase our prices on stock Polysixes. The cost of a Polysix with KIWIsix MIDI (which replaces the original CPU board) ill likely be similar - please search our site for polysix to find others.

Polysix restoration is often difficult and requires a skilled technician. One major problem with this model is that the battery in most units has leaked over time, causing extensive damage to circuit board traces and components. Our tech has many years of experience successfully repairing this damage as well as all other Polysix problems. We have seen many Polysixes "repaired" by other techs who didn't take the time to remove all battery acid and replace all effected components, and these units eventually became problematic even after their repair attempts.

Unlike these other techs, we do it right. CPU board replacements exist in the form of a fabulous MIDI retrofit, but we opted to keep the original board and repair the battery damage in this unit because we have found that replacing the CPU board with a newer MIDI CPU board adds significant noise due to the way the P6 was designed, and we figured some customers would want a cleaner sounding Polysix instead. 

If you'd like to buy a Polysix but need MIDI, we can add a MIDI retrofit to it at an additional cost, or use the search feature above to check our inventory.

This is a great sounding polyphonic analog synth keyboard. It's one of our favorite sounding synths. It's got memory for you to store your sounds, lots of knobs, a built in arpeggiator and a unique sounding effects section with chorus/phaser/ensemble effects. The sound is extremely warm, thanks to this effects section and the SSM chips inside. The unison and 1 finger chord sections are great as well. We think it sounds a lot warmer and more interesting than a lot of other popular vintage synths, particularly the Roland Juno-106 which is similar in some ways but offers fewer features.