Korg Polysix w/ Kiwisix MIDI

Korg Polysix w/ Kiwisix MIDI

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This unit sold fast, but we have another we can prepare, so please email us if interested.

Korg Polysix with Kiwisix MIDI retrofit vintage polyphonic synthesizer for sale. This unit also had our tech's special noise-reduction modifications that make our Kiwisix Polysixes way quieter than others. We paid him for a lot of R+D time to make this happen when we installed our first Kiwisix retrofit as it was too noisy for us.

This unit was meticulously overhauled to be better and cleaner than the rest - work which will hopefully make it outlast other P6s out there. This was an investment of 14 hours of skilled labor and the associated costs, as well as the cost of the Kiwisix board and power supply (normally $500 shipped). This unit is also in much better shape than other Poly's and is priced accordingly.

This is a great sounding polyphonic analog synth keyboard. It's one of our favorite sounding synths. It's got memory for you to store your sounds, lots of knobs, a built in arpeggiator and a unique sounding effects section with chorus/phaser/ensemble effects. The sound is extremely warm, thanks to this effects section and the SSM chips inside. The unison and 1 finger chord sections are great as well. We think it sounds a lot warmer and interesting than a lot of other popular vintage synths, particularly the Roland Juno-106 which is similar in some ways but offers fewer features.